KSR Evidence

KSR Evidence is a database of all systematic reviews and meta-analyses in healthcare published worldwide since 2015, dating back to 2010 for topics related to pain. It has been developed by Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd (KSR).


For many systematic reviews, KSR Evidence provides a critical appraisal and a short, accessible bottom line. The bottom line provides a brief summary of the key clinically-relevant implications of the results reported in the review and includes information about the reliability of these results.


Make sense of the ever-increasing volume and complexity with KSR Evidence

  • Find systematic reviews from a wide range of healthcare resources.
  • Interpret the quality of a systematic review using our critical appraisals
  • Apply information you need, when you need it, for point-of-care decisions

With over 100,000 systematic reviews and over 11,000 critical appraisals, KSR Evidence provides subscribers with all the tools they need to find, interpret, and apply the most recent evidence. 


Why KSR Evidence?

  • KSR Evidence includes all systematic reviews in healthcare published since 2015.
  • KSR Evidence uses sensitive search strategies to find systematic reviews, results of which are screened by experienced information specialists.
  • KSR Evidence allows subscribers to conduct extensive search strategies by offering advanced search functions. Subscribers can also save and share their search strategies, as well as export results into reference management software.
  • Subscribers have access to over 11,000 critical appraisals and can request fast-track assessment of systematic reviews.

For more information.....

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