Jeremy Howick PhD


Jeremy is a reviews manager at KSR. Following his interdisciplinary PhD in philosophy and medicine from the London School of Economics, he trained as a clinical epidemiologist. He has conducted some key systematic reviews of context effects. He is an expert in placebo controls and blinding, having recently led a team to generate TIDieR-Placebo, an EQUATOR-supported checklist and guide for describing sham and placebo controls in trials.


Jeremy also holds a part-time academic post at the University of Oxford, where his main role is to produce research that has an impact outside academia, and to help other academics do the same. He holds honorary academic posts at Leicester University (UK), Bond University (Australia), and McGill University (Canada).


A keen communicator, Jeremy has taught courses on evidence-based healthcare at Oxford, Lithuania, Canada, and the United States. Jeremy has also always believed in the need to communicate with the lay public about research, and has published a number of articles and a book for mass consumption.



Tel:     +44 (0)1904 727985