Evan Danopoulos PhD


Evan joined KSR in 2022 as a systematic reviewer. He is a qualified Public Health and Environmental Health professional, with more than a decade experience in both the public and private sector in Greece and the UK. He has recently undertaken a PhD in Medical Science with the Hull York Medical School (University of Hull and University of York) focusing on risk assessment of human dietary exposures to microplastics.


His research interests include the risk analysis of human health effects, emerging environmental contaminants, food safety, evidence-based environmental health policy, as well as the development of methodology for reviews and statistical analysis.


He is particularly interested in public engagement and the dissemination of research to the general public. Articles on his research have been published in UK media (the Times, the Guardian, the Independent, the Daily Mail, etc.) and in international media (CBS network, National observer, The Science Times etc.). 




Tel: +44(0) 1904 727993

Email: evan@systematic-reviews.com