Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd


Kleijnen Systematic Reviews (KSR) Ltd is an independent research company that produces and disseminates systematic reviews, cost effectiveness analyses and health technology assessments of research evidence in health care. 



KSR works for a variety of commissioners, including the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, similar institutes in Europe, and for pharmaceutical companies.

Systematic reviews provide the most reliable evidence for decision making in health care.  A systematic review is a literature review using a highly structured process to identify, appraise and synthesise all evidence relevant to a specific health care question.  When it is possible and sensible to statistically pool data, we also speak of meta-analysis.


Cost effectiveness analyses compare the costs as well as the effectiveness of health care technologies, examples of which are pharmaceuticals and diagnostic procedures. They are often informed by systematic reviews.

Kleijnen Systematic Reviews prepare systematic reviews and meta-analysis, rapid reviews, value dossiers, cost effectiveness analyses and health technology assessments to support policy making, licensing and reimbursement decisions (fourth hurdle processes, AMNOG), local decision making about commissioning health services and guideline development.


We provide training and consultancy in systematic reviews, health technology assessment, guidelines, research methods, basic statistics, meta-analysis, evidence based medicine and evidence based health care.


If you would like to commission a systematic review, Kleijnen Systematic Reviews Ltd offers services which are tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.